The most complete multi-adventure Travel packages of Aragon

From our base in Alquézar (Huesca) in the center of the Natural Park “Cañones y la Sierra de Guara”, we offer many adventure and nature activities such as canyoning, rafting, via ferrata  or multi-adventure packages that include accomodation to be chosen.

Check out TOP-GUARA ECO Adventure trips

We are just 2 hours drive from Barcelona or Tarragona Area.

Canyoning in the Natural Park Canyons et Sierra de Guara- Alquezar

Adventure Sports in Tha Natural Park of the Canyons and Sierra de Guara

The European Heaven for Water sports as Canyoning

Canyoning, via ferrata, white water rafting, hiking.. Adventure sports for all

Weekend Multi-adventure programmes in Sierra de Guara

Weekend Getaways for Adults from 176€

2 activities + 2 nights accommodation

Adventure activities in the Sierra de Guara with rural accommodation included.

Check our TOP GUARA-ECO programmes, our commitment with sustainable development

Weekend Family Adventure breaks

Weekend Getaways Family Adventure breaks

Check our TOP GUARA-ECO programmes, our commitment with sustainable development



Spring and summer family breaks: 4 weekend breaks delivering fun family adventure sports and activities in Alquézar and the Sierra de Guara

Adventure Holidays Activities, Nature, Experiences and highlighted offers

Nature and Adventure Holidays in Aragon, The Natural Park of Europe. The Sierra de Guara, Alquezar, Mallos de Riglos and the Pyrennees.

Enjoy an unforgettable journey with your family, friends or couple.

If you prefer check your preferences and we can personalise your trip.

Canyoning Offers in Spain

Multi-adventure Travel Packages in Aragón: Canyoning + white water rafting + via ferrata + climbing + mountain hiking

If you are active and live the nature. Enjoy de best holidays ever in one of the areas in Spain for its National Parks. Feel the nature, reconect!

Check our TOP-GUARA Eco programmes designed for our commitment with sustainable development.

4,5 and 6 days Holidays that can be customised.

Multi-adventure holidays with children

Multi-adventure holidays with children.  Enjoy Adventure and Nature with the whole Family.

Canyoning, via ferrata, white water rafting, Astronomy, Climbing .. Adventure sports for all. Complete Travel package with activities and accommodation in Alquézar, the Sierra de Guara and Mallos de Riglos


Canyoning with children
Canyoning with Children

Canyoning activity for beginners. Perfect for families with Children

Canyoning specialists in Sierra de Guara and Pyrenees – Spain

Our 15 years experience and our passion for nature and canyoning together with our professionalism make us one of the pioneer companies in Adventure Sports in Alquézar.

Canyoning Sierra de Guara
Canyoning and Rafting in Sierra de Guara and Mallos de Riglos with accommodation 2 nights from 156€

Weekend family breaks Huesca
Spring and summer family breaks. Adventure sports and activities 2 days of accommodation and adventure activities from 142€

Canyoning Sierra de Guara
Canyoning for All /Adventure and Nature Activities

Come to Sierra de Guara Canyons Natural Park and Aragonese Pyrenees to enjoy from the best adventure sports in the nature

Our environment: Alquézar and the Sierra de Guara

Rural tourism in Alquézar
Alquézar, rural tourism

Rural lodging in Alquézar and Sierra de Guara, Huesca.
Rural lodging in Alquézar

Hiking trails through Sierra de Guara in Aragón
Hiking trails in Guara

How to reach Alquézar and the Sierra de Guara
How to reach Alquézar

Canyoning in Sierra de Guara - Espagne

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Adventure activities throughout the year.

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