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Courses in Rope management and Safety Techniques and Canyoning.

The main objective of our training courses is to instruct individuals in safety techniques and in anticipating possible risk. Our courses do not prepare participants for the responsibilities of guiding groups.

Safety techniques
Unit 1. Basic techniques
Safety techniques
Unit 2. Complex techniques



Adventure sports have become increasingly popular over the last few years. More and more people are attracted to seemingly inhospitable environments with a desire to test their daring and sense of adventure.

This course is intended to introduce participants to unfamiliar, often hostile, territory and instruct them in how to enjoy all the sensations the outdoors has to offer as safely as possible.

Adventure sports demand more than a minimum of technical understanding. We should have enough knowledge and resources at our disposal to recognise and avoid danger and to be able to solve problems when they arise. The outdoors is an ever changing environment. Deepening our knowledge and respect for this environment can help us to react well to possible dangers or problems.

Our courses provide a unique experience of the outdoors and guarantee to equip you with the knowledge to carry out adventure activities autonomously and safely


The Sierra de Guara Canyons Natural Park is the chosen setting for Vertientes Aventura’s training courses. Its spectacular and unique terrain is perfect for adventure sports. The park is a protected area and we encourage course participants to appreciate and conserve the landscape for the enjoyment of all. 

Don’t think you know it all, nature is always one step ahead.

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