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Motivational programme for companies. 55 € per participant


Incentivos empresas What are we trying to achieve with our motivational programmes?

Our OCIO-ACTIVO (Leisure-Active) motivational programmes are an efficient, popular and non-aggressive way to help co-workers bond.

We offer a specific programme of outdoor adventure activities, designed to motivate participants, strengthen working relationships and help teams to gel.

”Getting to know your co-workers well, aids communication and cooperation enormously, bringing benefits to the company and individuals alike. It’s easier to work together with people with whom you have shared good times outside the workplace.”

Today outdoor corporate events are an important motivational tool to include in many companies’ projects and objectives. We hope that you will place your trust in our Multi-adventure Programmes.

Introducción Definition

On our Raid Multi-adventure day you will be able to try different adventure sports while working as part of a team to complete different circuits, testing your group’s efficiency and strategic skills, as you compete with opposing teams.

Each team will be accompanied by a guide who will encourage them and ensure the safety of the group during the events, whilst keeping a record of the team’s time, score and overall performance.

Distribución actividades Raid Multi-adventure programme:

  1. Abseiling: descend a 12m drop suspended in the air.
  2. Orienteering: A race on foot to interpret a specially designed orienteering map scale 1:3000 and visit approximately 5 control stations  on our beginners’ circuit.
  3. Orienteering by compass using the gradual progression technique.
  4. Canoeing in an open two seater canoe, along the last stretch of the River Alcanadre, down to the dam. During the trip you will have to overcome added challenges.
  5. Archery from different distances and positions.
    ?   It should be noted that none of the challenges are compulsory, however a team will lose points if some members do not complete an activity.
    ?   We reserve the right to modify or cancel activities in the case of unsuitable weather conditions or other concerns. 


Timetable with notes


Meeting point: Hotel Hostería de Guara in Bierge.
Breakfast or morning snack (to be paid for by the participants).

Time allowed : approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
Arrival at the Activities Centre. Welcome talk and explanation of the day’s activities. Collection of equipment for the day.

The team will be responsible for their equipment throughout the day.

Start of the Multi-adventure activities. Division of the group into teams of 10.
Lunch NOT INCLUDED A light lunch is recommended
Part 2 of the Multi-adventure activities.  
Round up and end of the activities  

Complimentary Services:

  • We can organize longer events on request and arrange hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms etc.
  • A selection of alternative activities suitable for corporate groups can be included in the programme including river descents and Paintball.

Material Personal equipment participants need to bring:

  • Vêtements sportifs et vêtements chauds.
  • Sports clothing and additional warm clothing.
  • Lace up sports shoes or boots (choose footwear that will support your ankles).
  • A change of clothing and footwear.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Swimsuit. *please arrive with your swimsuit under your clothing.
  • Small backpack.
  • Sun cream.

A tener en cuenta Organization:

  • The group should arrive divided into teams of 10.
  • Each team will have a number and a name which they should decide on.
  • Each team will appoint a captain who will act as spokesperson for the group.

Presupuesto This quote includes:

  • All the activities above supervised by qualified guides.
  • Accident, health and civil responsibility insurance.
  • All technical and safety equipment needed for the activities..

Precio de la jornada Price of the day’s activities: 55 € per person.

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