Level 3: Intermediate Canyoning

Intermediate Canyoning (Level 3)

 Canyoning: Description.

Longer routes where the difficulties encountered are no longer optional. Intermediate canyons usually take at least 5 hours to complete, not including long walks in and / or out.

Canyoning: Requeriments.

It is essential to have a good level of fitness and be accustomed to doing regular physical exercise and spending time in the mountains.

From a technical perspective it is essential to have done level 2 canyons without difficulty since the abseils, jumps and scrambling required at level 3 require a certain level of skill.

Canyoning. Location.

As canyoning has become the most popular adventure sports activity in Aragon we have widened our area to include canyons in Guara and the Pyrenees.

Fornocal, Gorgonchón, Mascún, Cueva Cabrito, San Martín de la Bal d’Onsera, Palomeras del Flumen…

Aigúeta de Babaruens (one of the best in the Pyrenees. A dynamic descent with a demanding walk in, this canyon forms a very narrow gorge with lush vegetation surrounded by privileged scenery and includes exciting jumps, slides and abseils..)
Further examples: The 12 abseils of the Liri Canyon, Lugar Canyon and the  Garganta de Escuaín…

Canyoning. Personal equipment you need to bring.

  • Sports shoes or walking boots (they will get wet).
  • Change of footwear.
  • Swimsuit.
  • Sun cream.
  • People who wear glasses should use a retaining cord or not use their glasses during the activity, if possible.     People who wear contact lenses should either protect them with swimming goggles or not use them during the activity, if possible.
  • Warm or waterproof clothing (please enquire as to weather conditions).
  • Small backpack.
  • Picnic lunch (available to order: 6,5 euros).

Canyoning. Equipment provided.

  • Helmet.
  • Full wet suit (5 mm) and neoprene socks (3 mm).
  • Harness.
  • Carabiner and abseil device.
  • Ropes and other safety equipment.
  • Canyoning backpacks and buoyant watertight container.
  • Specialized guiding service.
  • Accident and health insurance.
  • Picnic lunch (when ordered, on a full day activity).

Canyoning Level 3. Prices

  • 5 to 7 participants: 63
  • 8 to 15 participants: 59
  • Please enquire for prices for larger or smaller groups.
  • Básender + Portiacha : will incur a surcharge of 20 € per person.( Mín. 3 participants = 60€ ).
  • Básender + 1st abseil of the Portiacha : Will be charged as a Level 2 canyon.
  • Gorgonchón: Will incur a surcharge of 20 € per person when done as a second activity.
  • Prices for groups of 8 to 15 personas will only apply when the group book together.
  • Prices do not include travel to and from the activities. Participants should use their own vehicles.
  • Canyons in the Pyrenees incur a surcharge of 6 € per person.
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