Abseiling, rappelling in the Sierra de Guara (Spain)


Abseiling, otherwise known as rappelling, is a technique used in mountain sports such as rock climbing, caving and canyoning when a cliff or slope is too steep and / or dangerous to descend without protection. It consists of the controlled descent down a rope using one of a variety of devices through which the rope passes, slowing down the climber’s descent, using friction.

Abseils of varying lengths are possible, from 3-4m to 50-60m. During some abseils we remain in contact with the crag throughout the descent and walk down the wall, while in others the mountaineer is not in contact with the wall but is completely suspended in the air, a hanging abseil.

Abseiling. Requeriments

  • The key to abseiling is a correct body position, coordination between the legs and the hand that controls the rope and an ability to stay balanced.
  • Strength in the arms and legs is of secondary importance.
  • Anyone with a normal level of fitness can abseil.
  • It is recommended that those who suffer from vertigo undertake a good introduction to the activity before attempting long abseils.

Abseiling and rappelling. Location

  • Half day abseiling activities are usually organized in Peña Castibián (Alquézar): beginners’ abseils from 4-5m, to more advanced abseils of 40-50 m. Please ask for details of further possibilities.
  • Full day abseiling activities usually include the 6 abseils in the Basender Canyon (between 9-14m) and a longer abseil at Portiacha (30m). Please ask for details of further possibilities.

Abseiling. Personal equipment you need to bring

  • Sports shoes or walking boots.
  • Comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your movements.
  • Warm clothes (depending on the season, please consult).
  • A small backpack.
  • Gloves: leather or similar material.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Plenty of drinking water and for full-day activities, a picnic lunch. (Picnic lunches can be ordered: 6,5 euros).

Abseiling. Equipment provided

  • Helmet.
  • Climbing harness.
  • Ropes, carabiners, abseiling device and other safety equipment.
  • A specialized guide.
  • Health and rescue insurance.
  • Picnic lunch (As part of a full day activity and if ordered).


Half-day basic abseiling (from 4-5m to 30-35m)

  • 5 to 7 participants: 39 euros
  • 8 to 15 participants: 44 euros
  • 16 to 30 participants: 48 euros

Full day basic abseiling (from 4-5m to 30-35m

  • 5 to 7 participants: 52 euros
  • 8 to 15 participants: 58 euros
  • 16 to 30 participants: 62 euros

Please ask for details of prices of more challenging abseiling activities.

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