Paintball in Alquezar, Sierra de Guara (Spain)


Paintball is an outdoor activity that combines physical exercise with, skill strategy, intelligence and team play.
The game is played by two opposing teams, with the objective being to eliminate the opposing team or achieve some other previously defined goal.

During the activity there are several different situations played out on a playing field equipped with trenches and other hiding places. Players try to eliminate members of the opposing team by shooting them with a type of pistol that fires paint capsules. When a player is marked with paint they are eliminated!

Paintball. Requirements

  • No previous experience is necessary. Just follow the instructor’s guidelines.
  • Anyone with a basic level of fitness can play.
  • The minimum age of participants is 14, however more than age, the stature of a person influences their suitability to play. It is important to  ensure that the protective equipment provided fits and adequately protects the players.

Paintball. Location

Our Paintball area is situated in the heart of The Sierra de Guara in a field next to the RIver Alcanadre, where it passes through the village of Bierge, in a place known as “el Salto de Bierge.” The paintball field is located next to a hostel and bar called “El Salto.”

The surroundings are spectacular and a dip in the crystal blue water of the river is a must after the activity. There is also a nearby restaurant where you can get lunch or an evening meal.

Paintball. Personal equipment you need to bring

  • Sports shoes.
  • Sports clothes (bring a change of clothing).
  • Fine gloves recommended (Not thick gloves as they inhibit use of the trigger).
  • Waterproof jacket (possibility of showers).
  • Sun cream.
  • Water or soft drinks

Paintball. Equipment provided

  • Casque.
  • Helmet.
  • Protective vest.
  • Protective suit to protect clothes from paint.
  • Neck protector.
  • Groin protector (for men).
  • Score card and other equipment for the game.
  • Instruction by a specialized guide.
  • Health and accident insurance.
  • In the case of a long activity please enquire about the possibility of including a picnic lunch.


  • Paintball game with 100 balls of paint: 29 euros.
  • Paintball game with 200 balls of paint: 34 euros.
  • Extra 100 bolas (6 euros).
  • Large box of 2000 balls of paint (105 euros).
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