Sierra de Guara and Alquezar on a Segway

Give it a try to a Segway guided tour; a Smart, eco-friendly and fun vehicle. This is self-balanced, electrical and individual way of transport which is designed to move fastly all around thanks to its stabilising dynamic technology. Thereafter, a segway is perfect to move around Alquezar and Sierra de Guara surroundings.


 Asque Route on a Segway


Activity length: 1h 30 min.
Starting from the village of Asque until Fuentebaños medieval bridge, all along the way you will be able to value Somontano’s landscapes. Somontano region is stands out for its wilderness featured with mediterranean brushwood, i.e. Holm and Kermes oaks. To your right you will have Vero river and then you will reach a point from where you will see a breathtaking Alquezar panorama. You will then enjoy from Vero river’s transparent and fresh water. Finally, you will get back to Asque following the same path.


 El Pueyo Monastery on a Segway


Activity Length: 1h. 30 min.
The way on segway to “El Pueyo Monastery” – settled on a hill that soars to a height of 673 metres – is the very same that was formerly used for pilgrimage to this shrine, a very emblematic spot for the Somontano region of Barbastro. Along the way you will enjoy from a landscape full of olive trees, almond trees, vineyards and wheat fields. Once on the top, you will visit the 14th century cloister and church. From this height you will able to admire the Pyrenees mountain range; Cotiella, Tres Sorores and El Turbón peaks are perfectly recognizable. After this relaxing moment, you will go back to Santa Bárbara de Barbastro neighbourhood.


 Radiquero Trip on a Segway


Activity Length: 1h. 30 min.

Starting from Alquezar, you will leave behind this locality going up hill. “Sierra de Sevil” mountain will be watching upon us along our way. Part of the route makes part of Quizans natural shelter’s path, in this shelter you can find prehistoric cave art. At the bottom, you will appreciate the Pyrenees mountain range. The route goes along the hillside towards Radiquero, to your left you will have a whole vision of Somontano wildlife ; almond trees, olive trees and vineyards. Then, you will get to Radiquero village, a well-known locality thanks to its cheese production. Finally, on the way back to the starting point you will pass by the Greenwich Meridian.


 Alquezar Route on a  Segway


Activity Length: 1h. 30 min.
This route sets off from the path that leads to the San Gregorio Chapel – settled on a 765 metre high hill. From here, you will perfectly distinguish Alquezar skyline and Vero river canyon. Afterwards, you will go down to Alquezar moving aroung its medieval streets at the same time that appreciating its architecture. You will pass by San Miguel Church and Monchirigüel fountain that has the villa’s coat-of-arms on it. Then, you will go to Vero canyon viewpoints from where you will also admire the beautiful Santa María La Mayor Collegiate Church, watching upon “Alquezranos and Alquezranas” (people from alquezar) since the 16th century onwards. Finally, you will go back to the starting point passing by the livened-up Arrabal street.


 Details of the Activity

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes each route.
Included: Segway, helmet, Guide and assistance and public liability insurance.
Placement: Sierra de Guara canyons and mountains natural park.
County: Huesca
Difficulty: Low.
Price: 36 euros per person (VAT included).


More details:

Segway X2  is the first one of its kind – personal transport with self-balance technology, able to reproduce human balance and made to transport you on tracks. Its tyres and mudguards are stronger than in other segways, and its ion-lithium battery lasts longer. These factors made the segway a perfect vehicle to move around on paths without trouble.

Segway X2  has a specific kind of tyres that soften circulation on unequal surfaces and minimise the track left on the ground. The Segway X2 has LeanSteer’s segway new technology incorporated and InfoKey wireless controller to inform you about your itinerary. Finally, thanks to its lithium-ion batteries, you will be able to drive it for 20 kilometres with just a charge on non-paved roads.