Paragliding in Loarre Castle and Mallos de Riglos

 Activity Description

Paragliding is the thrillest and most authentic way of flying ; wings are not rigid and  there is no engine, that is why it is just wind and its flows that will allow us to soar through the air.

Firstly, you will just need to walk and then speed up following the guide instructions to make the wing fly and soar into the air. Under no circumstances you must jump and you will never have the feeling you’re falling into the void. At landing time, when you´ll start stepping the ground, you must walk fastly all along the way.

Paragliding does not require any specific physical condition and it is suitable for all ages from 3 onwards. Explórate or Parapente Biplaza Loarre will drive you with their vehicle until the takeoff point, and then they will pick you up from the landing area and drive you back to the meeting point.

The activity’s total length is one hour, within this time the flight lenght is from 15 to 20 minutes.

 Loarre Castle

If you choose to do paragliding at this place, you will fly over Loarre Castle. This is an unforgottable experience; you will be able to admire the castle beauty and without any doubt the views are unlike any others you can ever experience.

Fom the sky you will see the whole of Hoya de Huesca’s plain and Bolea’s surrounding area; Bolea was the main muslim settlement of the area from where they used to control the rich agricultural land around it. Its placement is essential to understand its military nature. Bolea is also placed at the Pyrenees doorway ; just on the frontier between the mountians on the north and the plains on the south.

 Valle de Hecho

We may rather choose to overfly Hecho Valley and to admire its beauty in the heights. Thinking of the Pyrenees, first picture that comes to mind is their breathtaking landscapes. Mankind has been part of these landscapes since a really long time modifying it. In this valley, history is almost as rich as its nature.

Its people is full of vitality which is shown throughout daily life and customs.

Hecho is one of the few places where Aragonese is still in use ; in a variation known as «Cheso».

 Personal equipment you need to bring

Your footwear needs to be well attached to your foot, trainers are good enough ; just avoid wearing any kind of flip-flops.

 Equipment provided by us.

Everything you will need for the activity is provided by us. It is just foortwear and comfortable clothing that you need to bring.


75€ per person

VAT included

A photographic report is included in the price. Thi is given to you in a SD card or CD.