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Nighttime Orienteering in Sierra de Guara

 Activity Description

Nighttime Orienteering involves navigating cross country. We provide you with a carefully detailed map which will help you to interpret the terrain and locate the control points which make up the circuit.

Orienteering provides suspense and excitement and in this case the added uncertainties and sensations of darkness.

On your way you will encounter a variety of surprises including nocturnal wildlife and other unexpected challenges and sensations.

All of these factor and many others will make you feel a great excitement!


 Requirements for the practice of nighttime orienteering

  • No previous experience is necessary. Simply follow the guide’s instructions and explanations carefully.
  • Everyone with a basic level of fitness can participate.
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult throughout.
  • It is important not to be afraid of darkness.


 Night Orienteering. Location

There are two options for the orienteering activity:

  • Easier option: Semi-urban and urban circuit (Alquézar streets and surrounding areas).
  • More technical option: Cross country circuit. This circuit is near the river in a place often frequented by canyoneers, called  Salto de Bierge, in The Sierra de Guara. It takes place in paths, woodland and areas of diverse vegetation.

 Personal equipment you need to bring

  • Sports shoes or walking boots.
  • Sports clothes.
  • A head torch or light.
  • A watch with a chronometer.
  • Waterproof jacket (possibility of showers).

 Equipment provided by us

  • A map of the circuit.
  • Established marks and control points.
  • Other instructional and control materials.
  • Instruction from a specialized guide.
  • Accident and Rescue insurance.

 List Prices

  • Nighttime Circuit: 20 euros.
  • Minimum 12 participants.
  • VAT included.