Hiking trails in Alquezar, Sierra de Guara Mountains and Pyrenees

 Activity Description

Hiking is the choice for those who are looking for a more easy-going/smooth activity along with the company of one of our guides. Our guide will lead you through breathtaking pathways and landscapes. He or she will make you discover good examples of flora and fauna from the Sierra de Guara, such as Griffon vultures, Egyptian Vultures, and if you are lucky enough you even may come across with the solitary Bearded Vulture. Depending on the trails you choose, you may go past abandonned villages, dolmens, cave paintings and so on and so fort ; An endless list of wonderful places to be discovered !


Due to the region’s climatology, the best time of the year to come and visit Sierra de Guara is Spring and Autumn. By then, Greenery has a shiny and beautiful mix of colours, there is a mild temperature and a lesser number of visitors. All these factors make Spring and Autumn the best time to come and visit us !


On request, it may also be possible to plan hiking outings at the Pyrenees. Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park is the ideal place to go for a walk as it is the most outstanding area of the Pyrenees.

 Hiking. Minimum requirements for its practice.

  • Neither experience or tecnical requirements are necessary. We just need to know the group preferences concerning routes’ typology, and their physical condition in order to adapt any itinerary to the hikers’ level and features.
  • It is important for the participants to be used at some point to do hiking, so that the activity may be developped without trouble.
  • For family hiking, kids’minimum age is 7. Kids’ minimum requirements: keenness for sport and wildlife, out-going and sympathetic personality so that he can feel comfortable within a group and with the guide, and also parents or tutor authorisation.

 Hiking. Required material to be brought by the costumer.

  1. Sports footwear or mountain boots.
  2. Comfortable clothes not to limit body movements.
  3. Warm or waterproof clothing (depending on the season).
  4. Small backpack
  5. In the case of being a whole day abseiling activity, you should bring something to eat at midday and water enough (you can buy a picnic lunch from us including a sandwich, water, a little cake, a piece of fruit and nuts).
  6. Forsee to bring some clothes to get changed at the end of the activity.

 Provided by us

  • Professional guide
  • Assistance and safety insurance.

 List Price

  • 5-7 participants: 36 euros (half day) our40 euros (full day activity)
  • 4 participants: 45 euros (half day) or 50 euros (full day activity)
  • Prices for groups with more or less participants than the ones mentioned above on request.
  • Prices per person VAT Included