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Adventure activities in the Sierra de Guara - Pyrenees. Specialists in canyoning and multi-adventure holidays for families and adults

Who we are:

Vertientes Aventura- Vertientes Travel Center is an Incoming Travel Agency especialized in adventure holidays . More than 13 years of experience (since 2002), together with our professionalism, relevant qualifications and good practice endorse us as the leading enterprise in the Sierra de Guara and Pyrenees in the Adventure Sports sector.

We have at our disposal the best known and most prestigious canyon and mountain guides of the region. Their qualifications, their wide knowledge of the area and its characteristics are the best credentials for guaranteeing you the best Adventure ... ever.

Vertientes Aventura- Vertientes Travel Center is a legal company, fully insured and compliant with all regulations; what’s more for the last 7 years we have been a registered member of the Aragonese Association for Sports Tourism Businesses (TA-HU-40), which means that we meet the demanding requirements necessary to form part of it.

Recently we have been awarded with 2 quality seals: Compromiso de Calidad Turistica (Commitment to Quality in Tourism) and Marca de Calidad Territorial Somontano- Guara. For the moment few businesses in the area have achieved this added value.

Vertientes Aventura
Turismo Deportivo Aragón Empresa Turismo Activo y Aventura
Commitment to Quality in Tourism

Our Philosophy:

The society in which we live is governed by stress, rush, boredom, the lack of physical activity…..dragging life itself  into an increasingly distressing routine. But at the same time the majority of people are making way in search of an alternative through which to escape from it. Free time to enjoy oneself is beginning to catch on as a daily priority.

The active leisure pursuit has already become a human necessity, in such a way that its accomplishment contributes to the increase in well-being and quality of people’s lives.

Nature for us is a sensational environment: its rugged contours, its scenic views, colours, fauna, flora,…..they provide us with the best conditions for enjoying the atmosphere we crave: the search for peace, for adventurous spirits, for adrenalin rushes, for culture, for rest, for being with others in harmony…. All this and more will be possible in these surroundings.

The natural world  for us is a space which deserves a supreme respect. In it reside the very essences fundamental to life. Therefore we will keep watch to safeguard it and conserve it, helping all people become aware of its vast importance. In all this great delight there can also lurk unwelcome and unexpected events, the fruit of inexperience and carelessness, which is why the idea of safety, knowledge and experience is integral to our being and should accompany us all in an environment of such huge significance. 

Vertientes 2.0 Travel Center

Vertientes Aventura. Extreme Adventure Sports in Aragón SIERRA DE GUARA - PYRENEES
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