· Canyoning LEVEL I
Very easy canyon and apt for all types of ability. Combines aquatic stretches of little fall with quiet walks in luxuriant vegetation. Suitable to do as a family.
(Eg. Last Chao of the Vero, ½ Formiga, Petit Mascún)
45 EUR
· Canyoning LEVEL II
Canyons with easy routes. Very aquatic , with small jumps and slides, and some abseils. Appropriate for beginners.
(Eg. Vero, Formiga, Peonera, Basender, Oscuros de Balcés…)
52 EUR
· Canyoning LEVEL III
Canyons with extra difficulties: higher abseils and jumps, difficult descents and with a greater quantity of water.
(Eg. Barranco de Mascún, Fornocal, Cueva Cabrito, Gorgonchón, S.Martín de la Val d’Onsera)
63 EUR
· Canyoning LEVEL IV
Long and quite technical. With abseils up to 45 metres long and extra difficulties. Not recommended for beginners.
(Eg. Otín, Gorgas Negras, Chimiachas)  
80 EUR
* Discounts for groups of 8 or more!!!
  • Básender + Portiacha: a supplement of 12 Euros per person will apply (Min  3 people = 36 Euros)
  • Basender + first abseil of Portiacha: the same price as Level 2
  • Gorgonchon: when it is a second activity a supplement of 12 Euros per person will apply (Min 3 people = 36 Euros)
  • The prices of 8 - 15 people will only apply to organized groups
  • The price of activities does not include transport, for which you should use your own vehicle
  • We can arrange transport for the activities if you wish (see prices)


The Pyrenees of Aragon reveal a wonderful landscape and atmosphere, with a chain of excellent canyons, charaterized by marvellous waterfalls and crystal-clear waters.

Canyons of LEVEL II: Furco, Gloces, Escuaín. LEVEL III: las 12 cascadas de Liri, Miraval, Aigüeta de Barbaruens. LEVEL IV: Lapazosa, Sorrosal, Foz de la Canal, Consusa Inferior..
* Discounts for groups of 8 or more!!!
  The prices of all the activities include:
  • Guide specialized in each of the disciplines.
  • Necessary technical equipment: wetsuit, harness, figure of 8, ropes…(does not include wetsuit gloves and footwear).
  • Rescue and health insurance.
  • Picnic Lunch (Sandwich with choice of 3 cold meats, tomato, fresh fruit, nuts, water, wine, energy bar) for a supplement of 5 Euros.
  • The prices of 8 - 15 people will only apply to organized groups.
  • The price of activities does not include transport, for which you should use your own vehicle. We can arrange transport for the activities if you wish (see prices)


Strategy activity which consists of two confronting teams competing for a goal. The teams eliminate their opposition by marking them with paintballs expelled from compressed air "markers".
100 balls: 29 EUR
200 balls: 34 EUR
* Recharge costs 6 €


We have sensational walls for every level. From small, easy climbs of grade 4°- 4+ with Tope Rope security, passing through higher levels like 6ª-6b, including first-class climbs… to climbs of various lengths on semi-equipped routes with 150m - 200m fall.

Beginners: 52 EUR *
Improvers: 63 EUR *
Long Routes: 120 EUR **
* Price per person for a group of 5 minimum
** Price for individual in group of 2


The Via Ferrata is an easy form of climbing, which involves ascending rock faces equipped with metal rungs, artificial holds, rails, cables… which allows you to enjoy the mountain and adventure in an exciting and safe way. An activity suitable for adults and children alike, experienced adventurers or beginners.

1/2 a day 39 EUR
  • You can consider a full day (Rodellar, Olvena, Eresué)
  • You can consider a half day: Bierge Specials: Canal de Palomo, Oliana and other non-specified and less habitually worked routes (pending a guide’s familiarity of said routes).
  • The ferrata of Rodellar can include the descent of the Barranco de la Virgen for the same price.
  • The prices of 8 - 15 people will only apply to organized groups. The price includes: specialized guide, obligatory insurance and necessary technical equipment.
  • Transportation to the activity is not included. We can arrange transport for the activities if you wish (see prices)


A rubber raft adventure down different stretches of the River Esera or Gallego. Emotion, speed and working as a team will rule this thrilling activity. There are different levels of difficulty ranging from quiet and familial to rough and risky.
* Picnic lunch is not included in the price


Walks along tracks through the most tranquil and exciting corners, mixing beauty, culture and technical progression.
36 EUR *
* Half day journeys: 21 Euros
* The price of both options is for a group of 7 people minimum
  • The price includes: specialized guides, obligatory insurance and necessary technical equipment. Transportation to the activity is not included.
  • The half day journey lasts about 5 hours and finishes around 14.00 hrs (lunch is not planned)
  • The guide/client ratio is 1/18


The night, the darkness and the silence will be your enemies. Your astuteness, orientation and courage, the means to combat them. Dare to feel the exciting night-time emotion of the Sierra de Guara.
20 EUR *
* Only possible with groups of 12 people minimum
Consult our Weekend and Multi-Adventures packages  
Weekends SuperCanyoning from 125 EUR
Weekends Acua-Explosión from 107 EUR
Weekends Acua-Natura from 122 EUR
Weekends Acua-Emoción from 125 EUR
Weekends Guara-Aventura from 100,5 EUR
Multi-adventure 3 days from 166,5 EUR
Multi-adventure 4 days from 229 EUR
Multi-adventure 5 days from 267 EUR
  • The prices of the activities are established for groups of 5 people minimum except when specified otherwise.
  • For groups smaller than 5 people please consult prices.
  • Discounts will be applied for canyoning, via ferrata, mountain hiking, river walking:
    • By volume of attendance (groups greater than 8 people - see prices)
    • For second activities (7%)
    • For families of minimum 4 relatives (7%)
    • For a single activity on Sundays (7%)

  * You may only have one discount.
  * Discounts will not apply to the packages and the multi-adventure days.

Complete wetsuit
13,5 EUR
Wetsuit socks
Complete harness
6,5 EUR
5,5 EUR
Watertight container


Full board and lodging with picnic (adult/ child)
39,5 EUR/ 36,5 EUR
Half board (adult/ child)
32 EUR/ 28 EUR
Bed and Breakfast
19,50 EUR
5,5 EUR
7,5 EUR
Evening Meal (adult–child)
13,5 EUR/ 10,5 EUR
Sheet or blanket (per day)
2,50 EUR



  • Trainers or walking boots (closed, lace-up shoes with thick soles, not sandals, which will protect your feet while walking in water).
  • A change of clothes and footwear (at least 2 pair of sports shoes).
  • Swimming costume.
  • Sun protection.
  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Small backpack.
  • People who wear glasses should use a retaining cord or not use their glasses during the activity, if possible.
  • People who wear contact lenses should either protect them with swimming goggles or not use them during the activity, if possible.
  • Gloves for abseiling (leather or similar).

If staying in the Trekking Hostel:

  • Towel and toiletries.
  • Sleeping bag and / or blanket.


  • All the programmes on offer are CLOSED packages. Any changes or modifications to the programme would cancel any discounts included in the package and the activities would therefore be charged for individually at the normal price.
  • In all packages and programmes, the order in which the activities take place will depend on weather conditions and group numbers. Whilst we will do our best to accommodate the clients' preferences, the final order of activities will be at the discretion of Vertientes Aventura.
  • Vertientes Aventura reserves the right to partially or totally change the programme due to adverse weather or river conditions.
  • If any participants require a specific diet (e.g.. vegetarian), medication or have health problems which may affect the programme, Vertientes Aventura before the arrival of the group.
  • In the case that the client, by choice or due to lack of condition, preparedness or fitness, cannot participate in the programmed activities there will be NO REFUND.
  • In the case of adverse weather or river conditions affecting the programmed activities, Vertientes Aventura will provide alternative activities of similar value.
  • Only as a last resort and in the case that activities cannot be substituted for, will a partial refund be made. Organizational costs and the guide's fee (approximately 35 %) will not be returned. All refunds will be administered by the agency responsible for the sale of the programme.
  • Vertientes Aventura takes no responsibility for other activities undertaken by the participant during their stay, whether with another company or on their own initiative, including trekking routes suggested by Vertientes Aventura. As such, our insurance will not cover these other activities.
  • It is important that participants collect a European Health Insurance Card before leaving their country of origin so that they can be treated by the Spanish Social Security Services in the case of accidents or illnesses that may occur outside the activities contracted with Vertientes Aventura.


  • All the prices shown for individual activities and programmes are for groups of 5 or more participants. (Except where indicated.)
  • For groups of less than 5, the fees for some activities will be increased. Please consult prices on our web site or by calling our offices.
  • All reservations require a booking deposit which should be paid by bank transfer:
    • Individual activities: 20€ per person and activity.
    • Weekend and three day programmes: 50€ per person.
    • Four and Five day programmes: 75€ per person.
    • Longer stays: consult prices.
  • The outstanding balance should be paid on the group’s arrival, if possible in cash.
  • Bookings will only be recognized as made once the deposit has been received
  • Participants in all bookings involving adventure activities must complete our accident insurance form which can be found in the “Information and bookings” section of our web site.


  • In the case of cancellation, the client will be liable for the following costs:
    • Any cancellation made more than 5 days prior to the planned arrival date will incur a cancellation charge of 30% of the deposit.
    • Deposits will be FORFEITED on cancellations made during the 5 days prior to the planned arrival date, whatever the motive for the cancellation.
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